Growing gradually


Here we are at our July meeting – singing songs from the 60s and getting to know each other more and more.

For our November group we had to add another table to accommodate more people. It’s been important to grow the group gradually in order to create a really relaxed, friendly, caring welcoming environment – where people can walk into and feel at home immediately.

A resounding success

The first Sing Something Simple was a resounding success!!! A lady who is registered blind was the perfect ‘barometer’. There was no need to ask if she was enjoying it – we only had to watch her face as she sang!

At the end she told us that there are so many things that, with her lack of sight, she just can’t do. But she can sing! And she clearly loved every minute. Brought a tear to my eye, I can tell you!

Be with people

Another lady told us how critical it is for her to get out and be with people. With her daughter’s recent death and her husband’s Alzheimer’s she said that it had been a dreadful year for her. But for a little while she could sing her heart out and laugh once more. Everyone else clearly loved it too – and sang along with gusto.

Which worked best

It was really helpful to play the tunes I’d put together on my iPod – and to see which worked best. One or two of the songs were really lovely – but a little too slow. It was the catchy ones that worked best for a sing-along – so a couple of songs will come out of the list. But I wouldn’t have been able to see that so clearly without our little ‘rehearsal’

Very portable speaker

Authentic sound

Using playlists and an iPod speaker really worked. It produced the authentic sound – exactly as people remembered from their youth – and had the advantage of not needing to ask musicians to give up their time. That’s not to say that we couldn’t have an occasional ‘concert’ from time to time

The way forward

So – more sessions are now booked  – and I will select some different songs and produce another set of lyrics. We need three or four different playlists with lyrics so that we’re not singing the same songs each time.


Here’s a song we sang that afternoon – that brought back lots of memories:-



Remember bouffant hair?